this evening i took my kids to go see puppies….adorable, lick your face puppies. we lost our family dog a couple of months ago and it broke my heart. my oldest still cries herself to sleep wishing for her best friend. so i know that looking for a new dog is part of the healing process. so we look. and we found. we found the most beautiful little puppy. the catch? well she has a brother that she loves. a brother she wrestles with, runs with, nips at him loves….one can’t live without the other kind of love. i get it. i love my brothers and sisters like that too. we don’t really nip at each other but we still can’t live without each other. so how can i say no? i really get it……
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  1. Need I bring up the rabbit incident? Pray, and pray hard. Oh yeah, and remember where you’ll be in 3 weeks for 10 days. Might want to wait ’til you return?…

  2. Hi Sheli, Thanks for including me on your blog! You share your thoughts so well – I can just picture you talking and laughing:) Yah about the puppies – are you going for one for each child so that they’ll not either fight over who gets the dog or fight over each other :)Are you getting excited for Africa? Cal is there now. I just finished emailing him. He’s in Congo and Rwanda – having quite the experience. I’m excited for you!

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