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The clock said 2 am.

Sitting up in bed

watching the minutes go by.

Begging the clock to go faster. If just for this night I needed it go faster.

My hands clutching onto the side of my hair.

In the dark

systematically pulling each side of my head

tears flooding my cheeks

pleading with the voices to stop. Penetrating my mind with-“you are a horrible mom” , “ she needs to go away”, “ it’s better here with me” “ you are going insane you will never be the same,”” just be done, they will be better off”.
I still close my eyes and taste the sweat from my brow. I can still touch the panic that is embedded in my skin. Years later and the darkness still scares me.

I knew that postpartum depression was a risk factor with this pregnancy. I had wrestled with it after my second child was born. But not to this extent. This was six months later .It had been six months since I had pushed this screaming child into the world. Why was I feeling like the world was suppressing in around me? Clutching to hold on to reality. To not let the night consume me.

That was seven years ago. Through the powerful hand of God, amazing doctors and friends who were not afraid to go to the darkest place with me I am in a healthy place. Depression and psychosis is real. And it is scary. I could not just pray it away. Don’t get me wrong. I do pray. I did pray. I prayed that God would take it all away. I pleaded for my life. At his feet I cried that I would not harm myself or my children. But I also prayed for wisdom. If any of you lacks wisdom, he should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to him.(james 1:5) Yes I do believe that Christ alone has the power to heal. I also believe that He gives us the wisdom to seek and ask for help when we cannot function. I had three other children at home young, gorgeous children who were defenseless. Defenseless against this evil that had assaulted my mind. Taken over and made me into someone, something that they did not recognize. God has the power to heal. And He also has the power and strength to carry you through the darkness, holding you up until you can walk again.

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  1. Reading your words gave me goosebumps …

  2. Thank you for your courage in sharing this! Justine

  3. I’m just coming out of a couple of weeks of the ‘beast’ (despair… Depression).

    I’m grateful for your honesty.

    I’m grateful for the hope and healing you’ve shared.

    Most of all, I’m grateful that I don’t feel so… Alone… Crazy and alone. Because I have wondered HOW can I sink so far down when I have a daily, walking and talking relationship with Jesus? Does it negate my faith that it can happen in the midst of spiritual growth?

    At any rate, Sheli, THANKYOU and GOD BLESS YOU!

    • Babs, I don’t think that depression has anything to do with faith.Just like cancer or any other illness has anything to do with faith. I believe that depression is horrifying, and beyond hard. Sometimes harder even then the day before. But this is what I am learning. In my darkest moments, days, weeks, months that is when Christ is drawing nearest to me. He is protecting me. I may feel so far from him but I have no idea the battle that he is waging for my soul. He is fighting for you sweet one. You are not alone.

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