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Eggs & Rice


When I was younger I remember my mom making scrambled eggs and rice with cinnamon on it a few times a month. It was usually when my dad was late at work or out of town. At least that is what I told myself. Yet as I have gotten older and become a mom to five hungry mouths every night I realize that may have not been the truth. The truth of which I believed is not the truth at that dinner table. The truth was more likely that these items were all that was left in the cupboards by the end of the pay period. The truth was is that it was easy to make and quite filling for a table full of athletes. The truth was is that she may have been so exhausted from working third shift as a nurse, driving all of us to school, sleeping a few hours every day and then picking us all up from school and to our events later that this was the best she could do. The truth was is that we were excited when it was “eggs and rice night” because we thought it was a treat.
Lately I have had this memory in my head and continually poking at my heart. What is my eggs and rice? What is my truth?
When is the moment when we decide to live truth filled lives? To embrace and stand in who or what we are?

These are my stories of “Eggs & Rice”.

About Sheli             

View More: http://snohling.pass.us/sheli

I am a writer on good days when a child isn’t puking or screaming or the dog hasn’t run away for the zillionth time or when the house doesn’t look like a Hoarders episode or I didn’t forget to pick up one of the five children from school. I live in the western suburbs of Chicago with my husband who has pushed me to be a better version of myself for sixteen years. I adore my best friends and I get anxiety attacks around anyone pretty or skinny, so I stay in my yoga pants and write about my redemptive story as a proud member of Redbud Writers Guild and I am represented by the Steve Laube Agency

These blog posts are my story. My story of being completely broken and at the mercy of my Jesus. My struggles with post- partum depression,  eating disorders, faith, body image, parenting, marriage, addictions, anger, and anxiety. I love to share with others through speaking engagements my stories of humor, addiction, parenting, marriage and redemption have changed my life.  I hope to be transparent and authentic with my words. That someone else would read this and know that they are not alone.

When we allow ourselves to be broken we can allow ourselves to begin to heal…….

If you’d like to contact me for your group leave a comment below or email me at shelim9@gmail.com or contact Dan Balow at vseem@stevelaube.com

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