this evening i took my kids to go see puppies….adorable, lick your face puppies. we lost our family dog a couple of months ago and it broke my heart. my oldest still cries herself to sleep wishing for her best friend. so i know that looking for a new dog is part of the healing process. so we look. and we found. we found the most beautiful little puppy. the catch? well she has a brother that she loves. a brother she wrestles with, runs with, nips at him loves….one can’t live without the other kind of love. i get it. i love my brothers and sisters like that too. we don’t really nip at each other but we still can’t live without each other. so how can i say no? i really get it……

three weeks

In three weeks I get the amazing privledge to travel to liberia ( in Africa those of you who aced geography). I just went and got my last shot. It hurt. It hurt alot. I had my two youngest kids with me. They sat there with their Highlights magazines and watched mom hurt. So then it gets me to thinking. What about the children all over the world including Liberia that watch their parents suffer every day? Hunger, AIDS, abuse…..? I have no idea what hurt is….until three weeks from now.


In high school Mr. Heaton always said write what you know. So I’ve taken 15 years off to get to know some stuff. Or maybe that’s just laziness. Or fear. Because the things I have seen or want to say isn’t always koser.